At Mazuma Mobile we are under no illusions when it comes to what people will and will not do to sell their phone. There are thousands, perhaps millions of old phones sat around in homes up and down the country that have simply been put into storage and forgotten because of an upgrade.

There really is often no impetus because people simply assume that they aren’t worth the effort. Fortunately, we are here to prove otherwise, which is great news for your wallet, storage space and the environment. Our mobile phone recycling process is simple and effective and could net you tens of pounds for selling your old phones. A W995 from Sony Ericsson which was released in 2009 can get you over ten pounds, even though it has an outdated design and you may have put it away wanting for forget about it. We will get a cheque, bank transfer or Argos voucher to you as quick as possible after receiving your phone. So what do you have to do?

Selling your mobile is simple. You just have to register with Mazuma to get your freepost bag which will be used to get your phone to us free of charge as quick as possible. All you then have to do is choose the payment method you would prefer, and take your old phone down to the post office. For extra speed, you can print out your own pack, or alternatively, you can wait for ours to arrive to transport your phone in. When we receive your phone we will process payment to you so that you have to put in the minimum of effort. It really is like getting some money for going to the post office!

If you are looking to sell a Blackberry phone, for instance, you could net yourself upwards of £50, depending on the newness of the handset. We can also offer you a great, competitive price if the phone is damaged. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time listing the phone on Ebay or trying to get it fixed because you could get as much as £30 for the phone. This includes items that have some water damage, or even a broken or bleeding LCD screen. If your mobile phone simply stopped powering up, even despite charging, and you don’t have the time to diagnose why, then we can take it and find a solution to the problem.

Mobile phone recycling like this is a great way to help the environment and prevent your mobile from ending up on a landfill site where it can become toxic. It is however important to act as soon as you possibly can because mobile phones depreciate in value incredibly fast. The sooner that you get it to us, the sooner we can give you a current valuation which may be significantly higher than it would be if you left it just for 2 weeks more. Mazuma Mobile truly is the most hassle free to get some extra cash with the least amount of effort.

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