If you own a mobile phone on a contract plan, it is likely that you will receive a new handset periodically. If you do not like your new handset or are keen to save money on the price of your contract plan, recycling your new handset is a great option.

Companies such as ours at Mazuma Mobile will pay you a fee if you recycle mobile phones with them. You can recycle old mobile phones and new ones but, newer mobile phones tend to bring in more cash than older models. By recycling your new mobile phone, you can in effect earn cashback on your contract by using the money you make from selling your mobile to pay for part of your contract. This is a particularly good way of disposing of a new handset which is not to your taste.

Selling your mobile to a company which recycles mobiles is much simpler and quicker than selling your mobile phone on a website such as eBay where it can take a while for your phone to sell and you have the hassle of advertising the handset yourself.

Mobile recycling companies turn your mobile onto cash quickly. They also give you a quote for your handset straight away, so you know exactly how much money you will receive from the transaction, unlike eBay where you never know how much you will make in the end, and the transaction is completed within a matter of days.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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