With the sad news of Steve Jobs’ death, Apple has still enjoyed a massive retail surge with the release of the iPhone 4S. But according to Time Magazine’s online arm, Techland, Samsung is still set to beat Apple in the festive quarter smartphone sales race.
The figures speak for themselves. July-September Samsung saw shipments blossom by 44%; not bad at all in the run up to the iPhone 4S release. So, with 24% of the market, what’s ahead for Samsung in the festive season, and how could it affect us here at Mazuma?
Aside from Uncle Bob definitely drinking too much sherry, festive predictions foresee a possible total of around 30 million Apple handsets being sold during the holiday season. According to analysts, this still won’t put them ahead of Samsung in the race for global smartphone domination.
Here at Mazuma
We’re not exclusively market analysts, but we do spend a great deal of time plotting phone recycling trends and studying the world market to make sure you get the best deals and we provide the best service. In the run up to a new handset like the iPhone 4S being released, we usually see a little dip in mobile recycling (die-hard fans holding off an upgrade until the new release), but after the holiday season, we’re likely to see a BIG increase in demand for our services from lovely folks like you looking to recycle their old handset ethically.
So, if you want to trade in your mobile, we recommend getting in before the seasonal rush!

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