Those who remember a time before the truly portable handset can’t quite believe they actually managed to arrange and execute meetings without mobile phones: no status reports leading up to the allotted appointment, for example, or a bus journey without a phone for entertainment and company.

Mobiles today have become so integrated into our lives that it’s virtually unthinkable to go without one. These days, the number of uses for phones continues to increase with advances in technology, we organize our lives, surf the internet, listen to music and so much more. For some, new technology is the main draw, and the use of a phone for actual calls a mere afterthought. For others, a mobile’s most basic functions are all that is required.

As your needs change over time, it’s good to know there’s a phone out there to suit every taste and requirement, and a huge variety of deals to accommodate all types of user. Contract users will usually upgrade their handset every 12-24 months and those on pay-as-you-go deals are free to follow their desire for a new phone whenever they wish. Even better, as it’s now so easy to recycle old mobiles, you can upgrade with a clear conscience every time.

Mobile phone recycling helps people in developing countries have a far greater choice of top quality handsets too, because when you sell old mobiles for cash, we at Mazuma endeavour to recondition as many of your old handsets as possible and prolong their useful life abroad.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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