When considering what happens to a mobile phone when it reaches the end of its life, we think of one of three places, either in a landfill, some sort of rubbish bin or simply in someone’s bottom drawer. The amount of discarded mobiles in Britain easily reaches the millions, of which less than 10% are actually recycled. Of course if this is to be added to the tonnes of waste created on a daily basis, it becomes particularly alarming for the British government when trying to defend their country when it comes to environmental matters.

However despite many attempts to get recycling initiatives off the ground, it would still seem that consumers have not yet come around to the idea of mobile phone recycling.

Despite their numerous efforts, it would seem however that the population on the whole is still quite reluctant to recycle phones even if it is at no cost to them. What seems to have had more of an effect is the handing in of old mobiles for cash, as there is some sort of economical value in it for them. It should be remembered that we all have an impact on the environment and should therefore all recycle especially when it is as easy as handing over your old, unused mobile phone. It has never been easier to take part.

At Mazuma Mobile, we can advise you on the best way to recycle your mobile phone; you can even sell your phone, as we take old mobiles for cash.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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