Your old mobile is not rubbish – it could be hidden treasure! Each year, networks commonly agree to upgrade people’s phones, meaning some 80 million old ones are gathering dust when they could be making their owners hard cash. If you decide “I want to sell my mobile”, it could earn you potentially up to £150 per handset.

Ideally, your phone should be in good working order, have only minor cosmetic damage, with its original battery, and you should be able to turn it on. You don’t usually need to provide the charger, although many companies will also recycle that for you.

However, most companies will still look at non-functioning mobiles and offer a reduced price for them, generally between 10 and 50% of the working price. At the very least they will recycle them for you, so that your handset doesn’t end up in landfill.

There are a few other options you could go for, including giving to charity, trying to sell it on an auction website, selling to a friend or reusing or trading in your old handset. But if you want the best deals, from the UK’s highest rated website, sell Blackberry Storm phones and other leading brands through Mazuma Mobile.

We offer a fair price, pay you on the same day we receive your phone, and the phones we recycle get sent to countries in the developing world, so everyone benefits. Next time your think “I’d like to sell my Blackberry”, make us your first port of call.

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