In the US alone, up to 130 million cell phones may be replaced every year and only 3% of them recycled. In fact, 44% never leave our homes but just lie forgotten in a drawer. That’s a vast amount of raw materials which could be put to better use. Here are some mobile phone recycling ideas from around the world:

  1. Computers. In 2007, Japanese researchers found a way to combine mobile phone parts with circuit boards to make small point of sale PCs for use in shops.
  2. Wall cladding. In Watford, UK, a sustainable housing exhibition displayed recycled mobile carcasses being used as colourful cladding on the outside of a house
  3. Plant pots. UK firm Acorn Plant Displays make use of mobile phones to create bright, funky planters for use around the home and office.
  4. Art. Artists around the world are making use of old mobile phones to create beautiful and dramatic installations and sculptures. Type ‘mobile phone art’ into Google Images to see what’s on offer.
  5. New phones. Retrieving the raw materials from phones donated for recycling is a recipe for new mobiles without plundering the earth for new ingredients.
  6. Happy people. Donated mobiles still in working condition can be sent to other countries and continue to be used abroad.

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