An understandable concern amongst those wishing to sell old mobile phones is the security of their data. Mobile phones hold a great deal of private and personal information, personal messages, contacts and, increasingly, even your internet surfing behaviour and passwords. Removing or reformatting the SIM is unlikely to be sufficient reassurance to consumers that the phone no longer holds any information connected to them.

Mobile phone recycling is a worthy undertaking. Phones that are no longer useable are taken apart, their component parts recycled and the toxic substances contained in the batteries, for example, safely disposed of. Better still, increasing numbers of phones are being exchanged for cash soon enough to be reconditioned for further use abroad, extending the useful life of the precious resources used in production. In a time where identity fraud is a genuine concern, however, it is recognised that personal data must be safely and securely removed from the phone before it is passed on.

Here at Mazuma Mobile we take your concerns seriously; as a result we provide our Data Delete Tool for you to use before sending us your phone. Instructions for each make and model of mobile are outlined separately in clear, simple steps and sent to you by email. Simply enter your handset details and email address and you’ll have the information within minutes. Following these instructions allows you to be environmentally responsible with your phone, having disposed of your data with complete confidence – and of course you’ll be paid for the privilege.

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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