The global economic uncertainty has made headlines all over the world. With the possibility of an age of austerity, it is for many individuals a financially stressful time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad for you personally. There are still ways to make money in the recession to keep you out of financial trouble.

  • Have a hunt through your attic – you never know what you may find. One man’s junk can be another’s treasure. Getting down to your local auction house can be a real recession buster
  • Take advantage of any vouchers or token collecting schemes run by magazines and newspapers. Getting a free 50% off of your favourite high street store is effectively freeing you up some money
  • Have a boot sale! Not only are they good fun with the opportunity to meet lots of new people, they often rake in the cash within minutes of you setting up your stall
  • Use EBay. EBay is fantastic for earning good fast cash. Listing old clothes or anything you fancy will always attract bidders. Not to mention you get the thrill of watching your own auction
  • Sell old mobile phones for cash. Take advantage of online recycling schemes such as Mazuma Mobile. Recycling mobile phones for cash couldn’t be a simpler process in earning you some extra pennies

The possible age of austerity doesn’t necessarily have to affect everyone. Consider the five simple tips above and your bank balance will be increasing in no time.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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