A lot of people worry about their phones being stolen, especially at a time when people are selling old mobile phones to make some extra money. It’s not just about someone stealing your phone to make calls to Africa or Siberia anymore – it’s about protecting something that can be sold for ready cash. Here at Mazuma Mobile we are a responsible company that can provide you with a range of advice to ensure your mobile phone is protected from theft. Here are a few basic steps you can take.

First, keep your phone in a safe place at home that only you and your family know about. Preferably, keep it on your person at all times. When you are going out, put your mobile phone in a front pocket rather than a back one so that you can keep a better watch on it. Never let it stick out of your pocket so that it is in plain view.

If you carry your mobile phone in a purse or bag, make sure that bag is kept securely shut. And purses with long straps that can be worn across the body are less likely to be snatched than shoulder bags or clutch bags.

Finally, don’t draw unnecessary attention to your mobile phone or any other electronic equipment you carry on your person. To text or make a call, step out of a crowd and into a shop or alcove where you won’t be watched by by someone who is selling mobile phones. Speak softly while having a phone conversation, and always turn off your Bluetooth device while in public.

Written by Mazuma

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