Pre-smartphone life

There was, for a certain demographic, a life before smartphones. Yeah, shocking, we know – these handheld devices are such a normal part of our everyday existence that it beggars belief that such a world even existed.

Curious to know what it was like? Well, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we take a  look at pre-smartphone life – it wasn’t as bad as you may think.

Photos took time to process

Today, you lift your smartphone, point it towards something, and snap away. Images appear immediately on your device, which you can then alter and enhance and finally share online.

Before that, well, it was far from instant. You’d snap special moments via a camera. Once you hit your limit, you’d then take the film to a shop to be processed, waiting a handful of days for your pictures to be ready. There were always a few snaps that were poorly taken and blurry, but this added to the fun.

Awkward moments were more uncomfortable

Whether you were on the bus or waiting in a lift or in the kitchen at work, in a “smartphone-less” world, awkward moments were a lot more tense and uncomfortable than they now are.

You had nothing to distract you, to fill in the space, nothing to look at. And so it was, that you’d lock eyes with someone on public transport and look away only to lock eyes with another stranger. Small talk in the office kitchen was just awful. No-one had anything interesting to say.

Newspapers told you what was going on

Your lifestyle today is underpinned by a certain digital, 24/7, interconnected and “always on the go” kind of a vibe. Information about what’s happening in the world comes, by and large, from your device courtesy of news sites or social networks like Twitter.

Back in the day, newspapers, some of the them preposterously hard to handle – broadsheets in the classic sense – were our main source of information. Sure, we got news off the radio and TV, but “info on the go”, well, that came from newspapers. There was something nice about creasing the pages and flicking through a paper. In fact, it is still a joy.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801793921-ADNFCR

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