If you decide to recycle mobile phones, watch out for a few potential pitfalls from some unscrupulous recycling companies. All too often, recyclers lure you with attractive prices, only to find excuses to pay less once you have sent them your phone.

Things to watch out for include companies who tell you they need to pay you less because of cosmetic wear and tear, because they have received your handset with a PIN lock or that the battery cover is loose or damaged. Others may claim that the battery on the device they have received is flat.

In such cases, you automatically receive less money. Outrageously, some companies even charge you to send your mobile back to you.

At Mazuma Mobile, Britain’s leading cell phone recycler, we don’t think this is a fair approach, so we do things differently.

If you want to sell Nokia mobile phones, or indeed any other leading brand, and we get your telephone to find that the phone isn’t up to what we need, we’ll immediately email you a revised offer for you to approve. Not completely satisfied with this? No problem, we can return your phone – it won’t cost you a penny.

People who sell Nokia phone sets and those from other leading manufacturers always appreciate this price promise.

We process redundant phones so they can be reused in developing countries, such as in Asia and Africa. Learn more from our website, and use us next time your upgrade your mobile.

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