Mobile phones – love them or hate them, in this day and age there’s no getting away from them. These miracles of modern technology are here to stay. And stay. Handsets reside in our cupboards and gather dust on our shelves long after we have lost interest them and moved on to newer, smaller, more fancy models. Eventually, though, we may notice those we have forgotten and decide it’s time to throw them away.

Yet before you do that, stop and think about what you’re putting in the bin. In addition to precious metals, copper and plastic that could be salvaged and re-used, a mobile phone is full of hazardous substances. While these won’t do you any harm during the lifetime of the mobile, they aren’t good for the environment if they end up on landfill.

Often old mobile phones can be re-used in developing countries by people who can’t afford the latest models. If this is not possible, you can recycle and get cash for old mobiles into the bargain. This gives you the opportunity to support the responsible disposal of the harmful products that make your mobile phone the wonder that it is. These include unpleasant substances such as zinc, lithium, arsenic, nickel and mercury.

It’s very easy to recycle mobile phones these days. Here at Mazuma Mobile, we look at the nasties in your cupboard and say, ‘Yes please’. Not only that, we’ll give you cash to take them off your hands. What could be better than that?

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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