Amidst our mobile phone recycling expertise and in depth knowledge of how you can sell phones for cash, we’re pretty much geeks at heart. Ever heard of Moore’s Law? It probably dictates more about how often you upgrade your phone than you might think!
For the technophobes and non-geeks amongst you, Moore’s Law is a theory coined several decades ago by Intel founder Gordon Moore. The law states that the rate at which we develop new technology doubles roughly every twenty-four months. The law in its most basic form is the textbook example of exponential growth, i.e. the faster the technology we develop, the faster we develop it. Experts tend to agree that Moore’s Law cannot be relevant forever, and will likely cease to be significant sometime around 2020, although that date is hotly debated in research labs and comic book stores the world over.
So, as handsets get better faster, more and more lovely people like yourself are recycling old handsets for cash! Phone recycling for cash is a relatively young but prosperous market. In new markets it’s important to lay down ethics from the word “Go!”, which is why Mazuma Mobile is so upfront about things like how we dispose of the tiny percentage (under 5%) of phones we can’t use, and how the 95% we save are siphoned into vulnerable economies ethically in the likes of Africa, India, Pakistan and China. It’s important to keep people in touch, especially in remote or hostile communities.

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