Love it or hate it, we all need money. In this belt-tightening age it’s time to find imaginative ways to supplement your income. Why not start with what you already have? Here are five attractive ways make some money from your existing resources:

  1. Sell your phone. We at Mazuma Mobile have made mobile phone recycling easy and fast. It’s free to do and you’ll get paid. The value of the phone depends on its age so be quick off the mark as you upgrade.
  2. Sell your stuff online. The E-bay auction site is the obvious place to do this. Anything goes here: more imaginative sales have included mud and fresh air! It takes a little of your time, and E-bay charge a nominal fee for each auction, but you can set a reserve price if you wish.
  3. Hold a car boot sale, and sell everything at once. Rather than laboriously setting up individual auctions, chuck everything into the car and enjoy a morning haggling over everything from your old kettle to your dad’s precious record collection.
  4. Rent your driveway. Yes, really. Parking is a premium nowadays and if you live in an attractive area you may be able to demand an attractive sum for the use of your driveway. Check out, or
  5. Auction your antiques. The computer-phobic among you may enjoy attending a real-live auction. Bear in mind that commission fees can be high.

There you have it. You’re probably sitting on a fortune so get selling.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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