If you’ve recently bought a new mobile, it can be tempting to look on recycling your old handset as a waste of time. After all, you may think you need your old mobile in case the new one gets damaged or stolen.

You may also think that it’s not possible to say, recycle Nokia phone sets, because they have no value. In fact, there’s high demand for old mobiles, and even the oldest sets have some value. And, actually, only between three and four per cent of phones are completely beyond repair.

Most headsets can be refurbished, contrary to what you may have thought, while traces of metal can be used in jewellery, even if the item itself cannot be repaired. And the nickel in batteries can be used in saucepans, while traffic cones and sheeting can be fashioned from melted down plastics.

And of course, if you decide “I want to sell my Nokia” to a reputable recycling firm, you will be doing your bit for charity at the same time as doing the environment a huge favour.

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