Recycling your mobile phone is really easy – At Mazuma you can sell your phone and we will take care of the rest. However, if you are new at phone recycling, it is normal that you have some questions about how phone recycling works.

At Mazuma we make sure that selling your phone is a simple and reliable process. First, you fill in the kind of mobile phone you have and let us know if your handset works or not. Yes, you can also sell broken phones at Mazuma! We then show you how much you can receive by recycling your mobile with us.

If you decide to go ahead and sell your old phone to us, we will then send you a freepost envelope, and all you have to do is pop your mobile in the envelope and send it off to Mazuma. As soon as it arrives, we check your order and then we send you cash for your phone! Old mobile phones have never been so valuable.

It certainly beats leaving your old phone lying around at home. Some estimates reckon that UK homes have, on average, four old mobile phones or more just doing nothing except losing their value. The sooner you sell your mobile, the more money you will get!

If you recycle your old phone at Mazuma, you will not only be getting cash for it but also you will be helping others who are in need. Once we get your old phone, we will repair and refurbish it and then send it to be reused in developing countries such as India and Africa, where they are of enormous use to people keen to build up their communications.

Our service is totally reliable, quick and efficient, and releases the value locked into the mobile you don’t need any more. Don’t wait anymore, register at Mazuma and start selling your old phones today!

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