1 – That’s our ranking in the U.K. We’re currently the most popular company in the U.K where folks like you can recycle old mobiles and get the best prices. Just to pluck an example of our accomplishment out of thin air, in May 2011 we received 50% more website visits than our nearest competitor!
50 MILLION- That’s how many handsets we reckon are idling away in the U.K. And that estimate isn’t even taking into account business use phones sat in company draws and cabinets with no happy new home on the horizon unless some enterprising and ethical person sends them on to us!
110 MILLION – That’s how much wonderful cash we’ve paid out to folks like you who’ve successfully participated in mobile phone recycling with us!
40,000 – That’s how many people have reviewed our cash for mobiles service (and they’re all great reviews by the way – lots of happy, ethically-minded clients like you on our books!)
20 MILLION – That’s how many handsets we estimate are upgraded annually. Add in tablets too and the figure grows even more!
4 – That’s how many spare handsets the average U.K household hoards within its walls!
1000 – That’s how many years it’s estimated plastic takes to degrade. All mobile phones and tablets are comprised of some plastic materials, and with more finding their sad little way to the landfill than is necessary or responsible, that’s a HUGE build-up of plastic waste compiled over the next thousand years before the very first piece completes degradation.

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