The above question may seem superficially obvious, but nevertheless the distinction between an operational mobile and a faulty phone is an important one.

At Mazuma Mobile, understandably we are thrilled that recycling old mobiles for cash is becoming an important phenomenon. However, we often do receive many questions in regard to what classifies as a ‘working phone’ and what classifies as a ‘non-working phone’ when selecting your option before you send your old phone to us. So here’s the lowdown on the working/non-working criteria:

In order for the sale to go ahead, it’s necessary that all mobile phones match the make and model in the order. If you’ve sent a Nokia and selected a Blackberry on the handset type, there will be a lot of confusion and an unfortunate delay in you receiving cash for your old mobile. Check in our sell my mobile page the make and model of the phone you want to sell to avoid confusions.

Each ‘working’ mobile phone must:

  • Turn on and off with all buttons working
  • Be fully functional – Note that cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable
  • Have a working screen, fully working and in one piece without cracks or pixel damage. If there’s a crack in the screen, you would need to list the phone as non-working.
  • Include the battery and have no crushed parts or water damage. If you would happily sell it onto a close friend, then the chances are it’s going to be ‘working’ by our standards
  • Have a working touch screen without cracks or damage
  • Have no damage to fixed rear glass without cracks or chips
  • Have a fully working operating system and software
  • Have all its features fully working such as making calls, Wi-Fi, camera, video, etc must work

‘Non-working phones’, damaged phones or ‘faulty phones’ refer to:

  • Phones that may have a faulty screen, or a broken keypad, or doesn’t turn on and off. With phone recycling you can still get cash for a damaged mobile, but it should be intact to some extent
  • Phones that don’t include battery, although the owner can keep the memory card and the charger.
  • Phones that are not intact, are crushed, bent or snapped in half
  • Phones that are missing parts or components. Unfortunately, we cannot accept phones that have been crushed or broken in half as the chances are we can’t re-use them

You can read more about faulty or damaged phones in our FAQ page or in our YouTube video: ‘is your phone working or faulty?’ where we explain all the above into greater detail.


Video Transcript
With Mazuma Mobile selling your old mobile phone has never been easier.
Unlike many other phone buyers we offer up front guaranteed prices which means the price we quote is the price you’ll get.
No nasty inflated up to prices to tempt you in and leave you disappointed.
We’ve also made working up the condition of your phone or device clean and simple.
We break it down into two simple categories working and faulty.
To be classed as working a phone must first be fully functional.
All functions such as the operating system, the microphone and speaker, the wifi the camera, the sim reader, the charging USB ports should work properly and that it’s able to make and receive calls.
A working phone must also have functional buttons including the power button, home button and volume buttons.
Furthermore the screen should not be damaged or have any cracks, pixel damage pressure marks or other defects.
If it has a touchscreen it should be fully functional with no cracks or chips in the glass.
Finally a working phone must not be water damaged and any water indicators must be clear and not activated.
Unlike many other phone buyers we don’t deduct value for cosmetic wear and tear, you’ll get the full working price even if your phone is worn or scratched.
If your phone or device is not fully working or is damaged you can still sell it under of faulty category.
In order for us to accept your phone if faulty it simply needs to be in one piece, not crushed or bent.
A faulty phone must also include all its parts and not have any missing components.
Unlike many other phone buyers we accept phones and devices that are water damaged or that do not power on as faulty.
If you need any further help in determining the condition of your phone or device, please contact our friendly customer support team who will be happy to help.
Don’t forget our price promise guarantees you get the full value quoted or your phone back for free.
Mazuma Mobile make selling your phone or device quick simple and hassle-free.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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