Most of us can’t imagine life without our phones, especially if you have a Blackberry, used for so much more than sending texts or receiving and making calls. However, in common with other devices, Blackberry phones quickly become updated as people move on to a newer model. That’s especially true now, as so many retailers allow you to trade in your mobile and get a more modern version as a free upgrade. Equally, if they are broken, it is generally more cost-effective to buy a new one, rather than to pay for costly repairs.
The problem comes when these units end up in a landfill site. There are toxic substances in these units which can pollute the ground for many years.
The answer is, of course, to recycle Blackberry phones responsibly.
Not only is this the right thing to do for the environment, but can also be kind to your pocket as well! Why not make some cash from your old Blackberry rather than having it gather dust in a drawer somewhere?
That’s especially important if you are a corporate buyer, with a high turnover of phones as staff join and leave your organisation or get their company devices upgraded.
If you decide I want to ’Sell My Blackberry’, check out Mazuma mobile before you do anything else. We’ll always give you the full quoted price, and can pay you by cheque or bank transfer or in shopping vouchers. We also have a same day payment promise.

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