When it comes to talking about how to look after a mobile phone, some may say it’s easy and obvious. Yet there are little things you can do to ensure your new savvy handset doesn’t end up in the pile of damaged phones being recycled here at Mazuma Mobile too soon. Although you can sell your old mobile for cash should it be damaged, it’s more worthwhile to take good care of your handset and keep it until you wish to get a brand new model.

It is recommendable to take out insurance on any phone that you purchase, particularly if it’s one of the new sought after models. You can often get phone insurance at a small additional price when getting a new phone that is combined with the bill and taken out of your monthly phone charge. This should cover you for any damages or breakages. Even self inflicted ones. For the clumsy types, phone insurance is a good way of keeping the handset safe.

Another exceptionally simple way of looking after a mobile phone is to ensure that it is never kept in the back pocket. This is the worst possible storage place for a mobile phone. One sit-down and the little piece of magic may suffer a blow to the head.

Invest in a screen wipe or scratch resistant cover to keep it in its new condition. Even the hottest new phone can look shabby with a smeared screen or scratches to the bodywork.

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