Though you and your mobile phone handset may be the best of friends for a year or two, there will eventually come a time where your once beloved handset may become shabby and damaged. If this time comes, there are many phone recycling schemes online which means you can get cash for your old mobile, making the goodbye slightly less painful.

However, the loss of a mobile phone means the effort of finding a new one, which can seem pretty tricky sometimes.

The best thing to do when considering purchasing a new contract mobile, is to make a budget on how much you wish to spend each month. At Mazuma Mobile, we don’t think being phone less sounds like much fun, so be sure you have worked out a reasonable and efficient bill to suit your lifestyle.

It is important when thinking about this to also consider what you need your contract to deliver. There are thousands of deals out there that consist of texts, phone calls and mobile internet, so work out which of the factors is most important to you.

Then it’s time to hit the comparison websites. Your best bet is to purchase a contract online, as you will often find that freebies get thrown in with such deals, including online discount. Don’t go for the first contract that you see; make sure you look around every phone manufacturer because you are guaranteed to find the same deal cheaper elsewhere.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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