Most people in the UK have at least one mobile phone. They contain amazing technology in a small package and many of us would be lost without them. They are also very fragile.

All it takes is a moment of clumsiness and your shiny new phone is no more. Every year, thousands of mobile phones are left battered and broken  and are of no valuable use to their owners. If you have a broken mobile phone, there are a few ways you can dispose of it.

If your mobile phone breaks, you may be tempted to throw it out with your household waste. Although this solves the problem quickly, it is not the best idea. Mobile phones will not degrade and will stay in the ground for thousands of years.

So, throwing your mobile phone out with the rest of the rubbish is a no go. You may then try to sell your broken mobile for spare parts. Although it is sometimes possible to sell your mobile phone for spare parts,it is often not worth doing so. You will need to advertise in some way to find a buyer for your phone and if you succeed in that, they will probably only pay you a few pounds for it.

So, we come to the option of mobile recycling. Recycling your broken mobile phone is a great all round option. It is kind to the environment and, if you use a company like ours at Mazuma Mobile, you could even get paid to do so. Your phone doesn’t end up in landfill and an under priveliged person could benefit from your recycled phone.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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