With talks of global warming and environmental concern blitzing every news broadcast across the world this century, we at Mazuma Mobile realise that many people are simply sick of hearing about it.

However, it really isn’t that difficult to do your bit to help. There are some very simple, easy things that you can do to add a little bit of the eco warrior mantra to your life, which can also relieve financial stress at the same time!

  • Using energy saving light bulbs is a great, easy way to start. They may take a little bit of time to get used too, but they last a hell of a lot longer than the usual light bulbs, saving lots of energy. Alongside this, your electricity bill should decrease.
  • Recycle. If your council has invested in a local recycling scheme, you have nothing to lose in taking part! Recycling doesn’t just refer to this though, even small tasks such as taking old clothes down to the charity shop or feeding meal leftovers to the little birdies in the garden helps to prevent unnecessary waste.
  • Dispose of old small items such as mobile phones correctly. You should use a proper mobile phone recycling scheme, many of which adopt an old mobiles for cash policy. Through doing this you even get a little something in your back pocket just for doing your bit.
  • If you have access to the internet, pay your bills online. This allows huge cuts in paper use, less paper being used means more trees left standing!

Written by Mazuma

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