How old should kids be before they get a mobile phone?

The age at which parents should give their little ones a mobile phone has long been a source of debate at the school gates.

While on the one hand, they mean our sons and daughters can always be reached quickly and easily, they also represent a step towards greater independence, with kids being able to converse with others without any supervision or control.

A recent study commissioned by My Nametags therefore makes fascinating reading, as it lifts the lid on precisely when parents in the UK feel kids should be granted certain privileges.

According to the survey, kids shouldn't be younger than 12 by the time they get a mobile phone of their own.

However, the findings showed parents will still put some limits in place regarding phones.

For instance, figures indicated that mums and dads wouldn't let their kids FaceTime friends until they were 13, while they wouldn't be permitted to have Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat until the age of 14.

But 12 does seem to be a landmark when it comes to parents granting technology-related privileges.

Figures showed this is also the youngest point at which they would be allowed to have a laptop and an MP3 player, as well as be permitted to surf the internet unsupervised.

However, kids are allowed to have a tablet device and a TV in their bedroom at the age of 11, which might stand them in good stead as the prospect of owning and using more technology approaches.

Of course, plenty of parents will disagree with these findings, as it's simply impossible to reach a consensus on when kids should be hitting certain landmarks. That's why half of parents have fallen out with their partner on the subject.

What's more, 70 per cent of parents with kids aged between two and 18 feel privileges are granted too early these days, while four in ten said they often grant privileges to their kids due to pressure from other parents.

So while the survey does give some insights into how parents raise their kids, it seems the debate over how young is too young will only keep rumbling on.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801839261-ADNFCR

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