If that old iPhone 4 is burning a hole in your pocket, or maybe you want to sell Blackberry phones that are no longer in use at your company, we can help! We reckon the average iPhone could net you around £100+. So, what could that old iPhone get you at our partner store, Argos? Two words… Christmas presents!
With the festive season well and truly here (are you up to date on the top ten kids toys for this Yule?), it’s time to start thinking about one thing (hopefully lots of things)… presents! Gift giving in a frugal time can be a bit of stretch for many folks, which is one of the great benefits of our partnership with Argos. You trade in your mobile, we give you Argos vouchers!
Games and Toys
Of course, we’re Xbox lovers and Wii junkies here at Mazuma H.Q, so we LOVE being able to buy games and stuff from Argos. It’s so simple – sell old mobile phones like the iPhone 4, and you’ve got a great selection of games and toys covered (so that’s little kids AND your big kid mates done and dusted!)
Useful Stuff
There’s always that ONE uncle who’s a massive chore to buy for, or that ONE friend who has everything! For the price of your traded in Nokia N900, you could put a few precious pounds towards the Weird Presents fund. Digital photo key ring? Stealth video sunglasses? Battery powered wine opener? Come on, no-one has EVERYTHING!

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