You’ve been into town, walked into your local phone specialist outlet and fallen in love with their latest model. It’s better looking, savvier and offers much sharper technology then your old one! You purchase it and spend hours enjoying the latest technology at your fingertips! Here at Mazuma Mobile, we know that it’s a situation that is oh-so-familiar in many UK households in the 21st century, because we do it too!

The next step is finding a way of phone recycling; after all, it would seem a shame for your old phone to go to waste.

You could just put the old phone in the bin; however this isn’t a practice we would recommend. Not only does it put your money to waste, it means your phone will end up on a landfill site and pollute the environment.

You could be tempted to sell it to a mate. However, if there are any problems with it, you will be puppy-eyed into a refund and the problem will be yours once again!

There is also EBay, however once again, if there’s a problem with the phone, you could get yourself into a little bit of trouble.

That’s why recycling mobile phones for cash through a website is the best solution for you. While the phone will be made into a gleaming new product, you will receive a lovely bit of extra money, simply for putting it in a bag and sending it in, whether it’s brand new, or completely broken. A cash for phones scheme really is the greenest, greatest and most hassle free solution.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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