With rising costs and income more often than not increasing to match, it’s important to stretch our money as far as possible. Yet good causes are also suffering and require more help to achieve their goals. It may seem impossible to help them all, but here are 5 easy ways to give and support others without digging into your own pockets:

  1. Gift Aid. UK taxpayers who already support a charity can make their donation go further at the expense of Her Majesty. Gift aid will add an extra 20% to your donation straight from your income tax.
  2. Sell old mobiles for cash. Selfish? Not when you use Mazuma Mobile, as we send working phones to developing nations who would otherwise not be able to afford such good handsets. Mobile recycling is good for the planet, too, so everyone wins.
  3. Donate someone else’s money. Online shoppers can visit easyfundraising.org.uk which has links to many popular shopping sites. If you purchase using one of their links, they’ll donate 15% directly to a cause of your choice, costing you nothing!
  4. Donating to charity shops. Make space for your new purchases by donating what you no longer use. Some charities even put bags through your door to fill, and collect a few days later – easy.
  5. Give your time. You can make someone’s day by simply offering a smile or a ‘hello’, and you’ll feel great about it too.

These are all win-win situations. Everybody benefits and it costs you nothing. Try them.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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