Does your mobile phone battery last the length of your contract?

Have you had to replace your mobile phone battery mid-contract? If so, you’re not alone, as a new survey has revealed this is quite a widespread problem, particularly among younger adults.

According to research by giffgaff, nearly two-thirds of consumers aged between 25 and 34 have had a phone battery fail to last for the duration of their contract.

Figures also showed that more than a third of people in this age group have seen their phone lose power or abruptly turn itself off, reports.

More than a quarter of men suggested their battery loses power because they stream a lot of videos on their handset.

Meanwhile, a similar proportion of women said their social media usage is draining the battery in their phone.

But interestingly, older adults reported less of a problem, as over-65s were found to do far less video streaming and online social networking, at least via their mobiles.

As a result, 30 per cent of people in this age group can see their batteries last for more than two days.

So are the batteries themselves the problem, or do younger people in particular simply place too many demands on their phone?

Victoria Tagg, head of search at giffgaff, commented: “It’s amazing to see how battery life has improved over the years.

“However, the evidence clearly shows that current battery capacities are not strong enough to meet our ever-increasing demands for streaming videos and application usage.”

Ms Tagg added that mobile users therefore need to be aware of the various features included in a phone, as these can be “incredibly useful” for extending their battery life when needed.

Of course, nothing can last forever, or else the manufacturers wouldn’t be able to get us to buy their newest, shiniest handsets.

So it’s well worth doing all we can to extend the lives of what we’ve got if we’re not itching to replace our phone just yet.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801839260-ADNFCR

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