Are the latest simple mobile phones any good?

For many people, a high price tag is the true marker of a high-quality mobile. Gadget aficionados will happily spend hundreds of pounds to get the latest devices with an array of innovative new features.

Just look at how excited people are over the upcoming launch of the Apple iPhone 8 if you need any evidence of that.

While we don’t know much about it yet, we do know two things – it won’t come cheap and it will be hugely popular.

Yet at the same time, there’s been steady underlying demand for simpler mobile phones that cost a fraction of the amount of high-end devices.

Consumer group Which? has examined some of the latest simple mobile phones to be released to find out which are the best.

MobiWire Ayasha
What can you get for £5? Well, a pretty decent mobile phone actually! According to Which?, it’s a fairly basic device as you might expect.

However, it believes it could be the perfect choice if you need a phone in case of an emergency.

And on top of basic text and call functionality, it has a few other handy features, such as a torch, a 0.3Mb rear camera and an in-built FM radio.

“With many people spending more than £500 on the latest smartphone, it’s somewhat shocking and refreshing to see a phone that costs £5, such as the MobiWire Ayasha,” Which? observed.

“It’s unusual to find a mobile that costs about the same as a box of washing powder.”

Doro 6530
This device costs just over £100, so while it’s considerably more expensive than the MobiWire Ayasha, it’s obviously much, much cheaper than the likes of the Apple iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy range.

You can therefore expect a pretty decent selection of basic features, including a 2Mb camera, a large 2.8-inch display and hearing aid compatibility.

The Doro 6530 also boasts 3G internet connectivity, so you should enjoy a fairly speedy browsing experience.

Another interesting feature is an SOS button on the back, which lets users send a message to pre-assigned contacts in an emergency situation.

Of course, these are just two of the many, many simpler mobile phones that are currently on the market, and the fact new ones are being issued all the time shows there is still steady demand for an alternative to high-end smartphones.

However, Which? stresses that while spending more money means you get extra features, it doesn’t necessarily “guarantee you a better simple mobile phone”.

“Our tests often find no direct link between price and quality,” the consumer group states.

In other words, anyone looking for a simple mobile phone that genuinely meets their needs should certainly shop around and research what’s on offer before committing to a purchase, even if the phone you’ve got your eye on only costs around a fiver!ADNFCR-2155-ID-801838005-ADNFCR

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