Money, money, money! There is always opportunity to dream of course, but there are also simple ways to get a bit of extra money in your back pocket. This often comes from small things around your home that you may not even realise hold any worth.

Your old winter wardrobe: You may hate all your old clothes and think that no-one else would ever possibly want to buy them, but you’d be wrong. If you have old clothes piling up in bags in the bottom of your wardrobe, why not put an ad on EBay for a bundle of clothes. Someone, somewhere, is guaranteed to bid. Even if it’s £10, it’s £10 you wouldn’t expect to get for all those things you loathe.

That ‘junk’ in the loft: We all know the saying; one man’s junk is another one’s treasure. Get down to the local car booty and shift your old books, records and bears for a small profit.

Yourself: If you’ve got an extra talent that you could indulge in part-time, it’s worth looking into. Whether it’s writing, modelling, care work, it’s extra money. At Mazuma Mobile, we think everyone needs to embrace their talents.

Your old, broken mobile phone: Find an online phone recycling company to take it off your hands. You can get cash for your old mobile, even if it’s shabby and damaged.

Furniture that you just don’t use anymore: Auction house, EBay, Local paper – your options are endless; someone will want it!

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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