There are many people who still perceive a student’s life to be nothing more than a series of boozy nights, long lie-ins and lazy days. However, being a student these days is far from easy. Increases in the cost of living and rising tuition fees means that students are not only strapped for cash but are also up to their eye balls in debt long before they even graduate. This means that today’s students not only have to be far more sensible with the money they have available, but also need to come up with ways to supplement their income.
Drastic measures
Supplementing an income could mean resorting to drastic measures such as getting an evening job, working as a television extra, selling blood or even getting up early to do a car boot sale. Naturally these are all abhorrent to your average student as they will impact greatly on their drinking time at the SU bar.
Cash for phones
Thankfully, there is a far easier way for students to scrape some extra money together and that is to sell old mobile phones for cash. Here at Mazuma Mobile, we are happy to pay for any old phones that are no longer used. Simply log on to our site, identify the phone that is to be sold, send the phone to us in the envelope provided and then we’ll send out a cheque in return. Hey presto – extra cash!
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