We all know that traditionally, technology and the environment do not often mix in the sense that modern technology often incurs many non-environmentally friendly components such as plastics and metals in their masses. Of course, these new technological devices will only be allowed to grow if consumers and made aware of their environmental consequences should they be disposed of incorrectly. Many often take advantage of their out of date mobiles to sell them and get some spare cash, some on the Internet and some through private sales amongst friends or acquaintances. However, there are many others who simply throw them out, often even mixed with other everyday household rubbish.

Not only is this devastating for the environment, but also completely overlooks the very plausible and much needed recycling industry. Through various campaigns and publicity, many mobile phone companies have become aware of the importance of recycling mobile phones and have tried to instil the same awareness in their customers in the way of offering tempting discounts on new mobile phone contracts or cash rewards for those who hand in old mobile phones when purchasing a new one. Thus it is really not difficult to become an active member of the recycling industry and you can even get an added bonus out of it in the form of cash reductions on your new mobile.

At Mazuma Mobile, you can sell your phone for cash and help do your bit for the environment.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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