It is so easy to obtain a phone in the UK today. A walk around supermarkets or a stroll down the high street is all it takes to find the best mobile phone offers around. Due to the intense competition in the mobile phone market, there are fantastic deals to be had. As networks compete for your business, the choice of handsets increases and the prices drop. As a result, we have immense freedom of choice and real bargaining power.

Phones, including the latest models, are heavily subsidised by monthly contracts, making them affordable or often free. Even pay-as-you-go handsets, while not as cheap, are well within our financial reach. Combine the low price of mobiles with our country’s relative wealth and it’s clear that it is far easier for us to change and upgrade our phones than in many parts of the world.

In developing countries such as India or China, handsets are rarely subsidised as airtime is sold separately to the phone, meaning the cost of new mobiles is beyond the means of the average person. This is where mobile phone recycling plays an important part. At Mazuma Mobile, we believe in the importance of mobile recycling wherever possible and, while giving you cash for old phones, provide affordable handsets in bulk to these countries.

So on your return from the high street with your latest acquisition, pop your old mobile into a prepaid envelope. As long as it is in good working order, someone else will benefit from it.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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