As a mobile phone contract period comes ends, the consumer holds all the cards when it comes to bargaining for a better deal. In the cut throat world of mobile sales, competition is fierce and better phones, improved contracts and even free gifts are thrown into the mix from every direction.

Before throwing yourself into the fray, however, a little preparation will pay dividends. Shop around online or on the high street to see what deals exist, and make a list of your favourites. Comparison sites give detailed overviews of what handsets and gifts are available, and the contracts that will secure them.

The next step is to outline exactly what is most important to you and approach the competition. Keeping your number and staying with your existing provider is convenient, but remember that taking your number elsewhere is also very straightforward. Securing a favourable offer from elsewhere will prompt your provider to take steps to keep you.

Do have a backup plan: decide on the least you’ll accept before you walk away. Bargaining with expert salesmen can require nerves of steel and you have to be willing to stick to your guns if you have to. Have another deal you’ll be happy with if your provider won’t play the game.

To top off the deal, relax and treat yourself to some cashback. When you sell your old mobile phones to Mazuma, you need bargain no more as we hand out cash for phones without delay.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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