We deal with all sorts of lovely folks in the phone recycling business. Such little chats have led us to estimate you guys hoard millions of handsets rather than getting cash for mobiles through our great trade in service.
But it’s not only through lack of use we think you’re building up a collection of handsets. Loads of our private and business clients are frequent travellers, which means a different mobile phone handset for each country they visit. What’s the point? Why not just carry the relevant SIM cards and indulge in a little phone recycling for cash?
Frequent business trippers will be familiar with the stress of juggling several different phone numbers and devices. The phone numbers thing can be a bit of a pain, but by ditching the handsets and just carrying SIM cards you could cash in phone recycling for your company AND save space when travelling
Fun and Adventure
Are you off on a round the world trip, a year in Japan or maybe just a few weeks backpacking in Europe? Phone communication can be a godsend in terms of anxious parents or actual life-threatening situations. Put a little time into finding a comparable handset for global travel, invest in the right SIM cards for the job (you can usually buy cheap once you arrive), get some cash from us for your old handset and away you go into the wild green yonder you go!

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