How much is my old mobile worth? You may well ask yourself this question as you upgrade to the latest model as part of your new contract deal. Whatever you think of your old handset, its value is only what others will pay for it. You could try your luck with an E-bay auction, for example, or come to us at Mazuma Mobile and sell old mobile phones for guaranteed amounts.

One thing to bear in mind, however is that mobile phone values continue to depreciate month by month. Consider this: if your phone was free in the context of a fixed-term contract, your monthly payments have subsidised the cost of your phone over that time. However, at the end of two years, can you still sell your mobile for a decent amount of cash? Quite possibly, but you have to be quick as the value will probably keep going down.

Those of you who are not particularly concerned about having the latest and greatest gadget could cash in on this process. Continue to use your existing mobile for the duration of your new contract, and sell the new one. You’ll pay the same and still get the useage you require, whilst effectively getting cashback into the bargain… much more than you would two years down the line.

Obviously this idea won’t suit everyone, but to some people a phone is just a phone. In which case, if it works, stick with it and cash in on the more valuable model.

Written by Mazuma

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