If you have ever been down to the local tip and observed what people actually throw away, you will find it is astounding to observe the amount of quality, serviceable goods that end up on burgeoning landfill sites because people just don’t think about passing them on. Many people are surprised to find how much they own that other people will value.

Many charities out there are ready to take goods to sell, and a great deal more people are waiting to snap up a bargain! Charity shops will usually accept anything of useable quality, although they rarely accept electronic goods.

Internet-based Freecycle’s mission is to stop goods going to landfill. People can offer stuff for free but the recipient always collects. It is possible to offer almost anything, and someone out there will probably want it.

You could probably make yourself some extra money too. Try holding a car boot sale. It costs a few pounds to sell your goods, but you can usually make a profit.Alternatively , if you want to stay at home, have a look on eBay to see what sells. After a little setting-up time anyone can put goods up for auction and then just wait to see how much they can make.

To date, only around 10% of old mobile phones are recycled, but selling your mobile for cash is another great option, and very straightforward. At Mazuma Mobile, we send you what you need and give you cash for old phones within 7 days.

Next time you de-clutter, try some of these simple ways to clear out responsibly.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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