We’ve all been there. One minute our faithful mobile handset is sitting innocently on the table working perfectly, the next moment it’s covered in piping hot coffee and not working so well at all. Mobile phones get dropped, left outside in the rain, accidentally drowned in swimming pools and baths, chewed by pets, and even trodden on. Sometimes- thankfully not often- they just stop working for no obvious reason at all.

If you want to sell your mobile but it’s not working any more, don’t despair. We accept phones that don’t work perfectly as well as phones that do. Whether it’s a cracked screen, a software failure, or just a blank display, we can find a use for any mobile whether as a whole unit or in parts. You can still sell a mobile phone to us if it doesn’t work.

To sell a mobile that is no longer in good working order just use the usual process. Our screen will ask you whether or not the phone is working and all you have to do is tell us that it isn’t. Note that phones that have a broken or cracked screen but will still take and receive calls are classified as ‘non-working’, but a little bit of everyday wear and tear is acceptable in a ‘working’ phone.

If you declare a phone as non-working, we’ll give you a revised value taking into account both the model and the non-working status so you will know how much you can expect to get for it.

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