British adults’ media consumption on the rise

The amount of time British adults are spending consuming media is growing at a staggering pace.

According to new figures from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), Britons are spending seven hours and 56 minutes a day consuming media on different platforms, such as televisions and smartphones.

This is nine per cent higher than it was last year and 13 per cent up on the amount recorded in 2005.

Another emerging trend is that people are increasingly using different media platforms at the same time.

In 2005, 79 per cent of adults consumed two or more media in the same half hour in a typical week.

By contrast, this figure now stands at 92 per cent, while 26 per cent of adults are consuming at least three different media in a typical half hour.

The IPA estimates that more than two hours are week are spent multi-tasking on different media platforms.

Interestingly, this is nearly a quarter of the time they spending consuming media overall.

Sarah Golding, president of the IPA, commented: “Our media consumption patterns are continuing to grow and fragment as technology, new platforms and media channels are delivering an ever wider choice of content, available to us on a 24/7 basis.

“The knock-on effect on our lives – both personally and professionally – cannot be underestimated.”

Smartphone apps appear to be one big contributor to the surge in media consumption, with WhatsApp seeing a 22 per cent increase in usage over the last year.

Meanwhile, the number of adults using Snapchat has gone up by 17 per cent.

A growing number of people are also using social media, with the proportion of adults active on the likes of Twitter and Facebook rising from 71 per cent to 76 per cent since last year.

Facebook remains the dominant social network, with 62 per cent of adults having a profile on the site.

However, the annual rate of growth slowed to just three per cent, whereas Instagram saw a significant 11 per cent rise in usage among UK adults.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801839996-ADNFCR

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