Ok, so there’s an ulterior motive to today’s blog entry – we want you to trade in your mobile phones so we can fund our campaign for world domination. That’s not really true, although we are the No.1 tablet and mobile phone recycling company in the U.K. We’re not after world domination in the scary totalitarian sense; we just want to carry on providing an ethical, sterling service to all our clients. In that spirit, here are a couple of our favourite money-making ideas for the Yuletide season!
•    Recycle – don’t just sell Blackberry Storms or elderly Nokias to us – but recycle everything you can. We know it sounds like a huge chore, but by approaching one thing at a time you can really make a difference. Recycling usually tends to mean you get little financial gain, but by using our service, spending the afternoon at a car boot sale (selling, not buying!) or getting online to recycle those old CDs (somebody will want the entire back catalogue of Savage Garden…) you could make enough money to treat yourself or cover a few troublesome festive costs.
•    Get crafty. Homemade crafts are big business around the Christmas period. If you’ve ever been to a Christmas market like Stuttgart etc, you’ll know what we mean. Spend some time gathering cheap materials – holly, pine cones, berries etc – and put together a little assortment of decorations to either use yourself or sell at a fair (scout around for local farmers markets too)

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