At long last, following the many campaigns, Apple, the manufacturers of the iPhone have finally conceded. Whilst they don’t accept that there is anything wrong with their iPhone4, they actually believe their phone’s antenna issue is the same on other phones, they do accept that there is an easy fix to the problem and have decided to issue out free bumpers or cases to their iPhone 4 customers.

Apple insiders have admitted that the tendency within the upper echelons of Apple, are more concerned with the design of the product, which causes immeasurable problems to the engineering team. That combined with tight deadlines in a very competitive market have meant that corners may have been cut.

The basic problem appears to be because wireless signals don’t go through metal. In an effort to avoid an antenna sticking out of the top of the iPhone, designers chose to create an antenna band that goes around the handset. Unfortunately antenna don’t work as well when you touch them, so this has meant a weakened signal if held incorrectly. Apple believes the free cases will resolve the issue once and for all.

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