Take copper, steel, aluminium, plastic and precious metals; add lead, a sprinkling of deadly cadmium, a dash of poisonous barium, rhodium and beryllium, and mix. Leave to stand for a couple of years, and throw away. Take one atmosphere, and add greenhouse gases for extra heat. Allow poisonous substances to leak into the ground and infect the water system. Drink.

Sounds crazy? Actually, this is what happens every day as people fail to recycle mobile phones, letting them find their way to landfill instead. Sadly, irresponsible disposal of the raw ingredients of a mobile phone is indeed a recipe for disaster. Phones contain both poisonous substances which are highly dangerous if allowed to leak into the environment, and limited precious metals such as gold.

It is estimated that only 1 in 10 mobiles are recycled at the moment but this number is increasing which is great news for the planet. Mobile phone recycling not only reclaims reusable products and allows hazardous substances to be dealt with responsibly, it also reduces greenhouse emissions.

In addition, at Mazuma Mobile we believe that reuse is the best possible form of phone recycling, allowing us to prolong the useful life of a phone’s ingredients. As a result, a vast majority of phones sent for recycling are reconditioned and distributed for use abroad. Those who take steps to recycle will also benefit from generous cash payments for their old phones. As a result, mobile phone recycling is a winning recipe for all concerned.

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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