1 in 3 smartphone users only use half of its features

How many of your smartphone apps do you actually use? Just a few?

If so, you're not alone, as a survey by Dacia has found that one in three people only use half of the technology on their handset.

In other words, large numbers of us are spending lots of money on tech that we don't actually use.

Look at the apps display on your phone and ask yourself two questions – do you use each app and do you know what they all actually do?

If the answer is no, then it might be worth reconsidering what type of phone you buy in the future.

It might initially seem a good idea to bag a handset packed with a massive range of features.

But if you're not actually using them or even bothering to find out what each app is for then you could be needlessly throwing money down the drain.

“The influx of gadgets and technology into our lives was supposed to make living easier,” a Dacia spokesperson commented.

“But our survey showed that millions of people aren't even using half of the functions their tech offers, so you have to wonder what the point of it really is?”

Figures also showed that more than half of UK consumers leave their tech on the same handful of modes, rather than experiment with lots of different functions.

Meanwhile, more than eight in ten said they believe gadgets now feature too many functions and have become more complicated as a result.

Around half admitted they don't have time to learn how it all works, although a quarter were content as long as their gadgets do what they want them to do.

Nevertheless, it's a reminder that not everybody needs to opt for a high-end, all-singing and all-dancing smartphone if they don't really need it.

If they're not using the features they're paying a premium for, they could be much better off looking at a mid-range device and getting the most out of that instead.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801841627-ADNFCR

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