How to factory reset a Nintendo Switch ready to sell

Making the decision to sell your Nintendo Switch can be tricky. But with a new generation of consoles and the introduction of the Switch Lite, it could be something you’re considering. Maybe it’s seen better days, or you’ve fallen out of love with the console and the games it has to offer. Whatever reason you have, before you sell your Switch, you’ll need to restore it to factory settings.

It’s worth noting that there are two methods for restoring your Switch to factory settings. One that keeps your save data, screenshots and videos and one that will fully restore your switch to its basic settings, removing all of these as well. We’ll be running you through how to reset your Nintendo Switch back to factory settings in this guide.

How to do a partial factory reset on your Nintendo Switch and keep your save data

This is the more basic option and one that should only be done if you are intending to keep your console. It will wipe the software from your microSD card but keep your save data, screenshots and videos. If you want to completely wipe these too, along with your user information, you’ll want the other method.

Note: To perform these actions, you’ll need to be in ‘recovery’ mode (also known as maintenance mode), which can only be accessed when the console is completely powered off. This menu is different to the normal systems menu. This means it’s not turned on or in sleep mode.

  1. Make sure your console is completely powered off, not in sleep mode. Do this by holding the power button on top for 12 seconds.
  2. To turn it on in recovery mode, press and hold both volume buttons and the power button. Do this until the recovery menu appears.
  3. Select ‘Restore factory settings without deleting save data’ from the menu – you may need a PIN if you have parental controls set up.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and select ‘next’
  5. Select ‘Restore factory settings without deleting save data’
  6. Wait while it completes.

How to do a full factory reset on your Nintendo Switch

To completely restore your Nintendo Switch Console to its default settings, you’ll need to perform a full factory reset. This will remove all of your save data, user data, screenshots and videos and they cannot be recovered when you do. It’s advised that you do this before you sell your Nintendo Switch.

Note: For a full factory reset, you’ll need to have access to the internet. Without this, you won’t be able to remove this Switch as your registered console for your account.

  1. With your console switched on, browse to ‘System Settings’. You’ll find this on the HOME menu.
  2. Find and select ‘System’
  3. At the very bottom of the system menu you’ll find ‘Formatting Options’ – if you have parental controls set up, you will need a PIN to progress further.
  4. Choose ‘Restore Factory Settings’ – note: on older operating systems you may need to select ‘Initialize console’
  5. On the next screen, read the information if you need it, otherwise, just select ‘Next’
  6. At this stage, your Nintendo Switch will then check for an internet connection. It does this to unregister your Switch console as your active console for your Nintendo account. Select ‘Next’ again.
  7. Now you just have to choose ‘Restore Factory Settings’ and wait for your console to initialize. All of your data should now be removed.

Selling your Nintendo Switch

If you’ve gone through the above process, chances are that you’re ready to sell your Nintendo Switch. At Mazuma we can take your old Switch consoles off of your hands for cash, and recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

It’s not just the Nintendo Switch we can buy either. You can sell your old consoles to us too, like the Playstation or Xbox One.

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