We have been working hard to raise awareness for our mobile phone recycling service, whereby we offer you money in exchange for your unused or unwanted mobile phones. By providing this cash incentive, we hope to encourage more and more individuals to clear out the mobile phone graveyards building up in the drawers of their homes, saving these phones from the inevitable fate of being binned.

If we can keep these phones away from landfills, it’s not only great for the planet – saving on unnecessary waste – it is also good news for the phones themselves, which often only enjoy a 12, 18, or 24 month life span. The disposable culture currently surrounding phones in Britain means that many perfectly adequate phones are not living their full potential life, being automatically discarded when a contract is up. We aim to change this by offering cash for phones and passing them onto others in need, in nations where demand for mobiles is high.

So by using our mobile recycling service, you can clear out your drawers, make some easy cash, help less developed countries, and do your bit for the environment – an extensive list of good reasons to give our service a try.

The process is straightforward, too. You simply search for your phone, tell us if it’s working or not, and send it to us in the prepaid envelope we will provide. Once we receive it, you will be sent your cheque, payment, or voucher. It couldn’t be easier.

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