Life in modern Britain moves at breakneck speed these days. Indeed, it can often feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day for you to take care of all the things which need doing, especially if you have a demanding job or family commitments. However, there are occasions when taking a little time out can be very beneficial, and not just for recharging your batteries.

If you have an old mobile phone that you don’t use anymore, you can do something with it in a matter of minutes that will make you feel very good about yourself.

What’s the “good thing”?

Phone recycling

By sending your phone to us here at Mazuma Mobile, you can help other people who are less fortunate than yourself, as well as help to protect the environment.

Helping people
Here at Mazuma Mobile, all of the old mobile phones that we refurbish get sent to developing countries so that people who ordinarily couldn’t afford a brand-new phone can have access to mobile communications.

Helping the planet
Some of the components contained in mobile phones can harm the environment if they get deposited in normal landfill sites. Thankfully, the mobile phone recycling programmes we provide can help to prevent this.

So why not send us any phones that you no longer use. We’ll pay you for it, and it really does only take a couple of minutes. Go on; take some time to do some good…

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