If you don’t have a mobile phone graveyard of your own someplace – a drawer, cupboard, tub – then you’ve undoubtedly helped to contribute to the huge number of phones thrown straight into the bins, headed for landfill. It can be tricky to come across proper recycling facilities, and sometimes a hassle to investigate, but with Mazuma Mobile, you can easily recycle mobile phones you no longer want, saving your phones from a one way trip to the tip and making yourself some money in the process.

We offer cash for mobiles, taking them off your hands in order to refurbish them and pass them along to new users in countries where mobile phone demand is on the rise. This solution to the disposable nature of our current contract phone culture is one which saves perfectly adequate phones from being wasted and stops unnecessary pollution.

Selling mobile phones on can be otherwise impossible (who wants your rejects?), but we make it simple. You can simply enter your make and model number into our site and see how much we can offer you for your phone. The amount will depend on how old your phone is and whether or not it is in working condition, but it’s undoubtedly more money than your phone will make you sitting in a drawer untouched.

By offering this cash incentive, we hope to help save the planet from the unnecessary waste of discarding quite useable mobiles, in addition to providing more accessible mobile communication for other nations.

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