We’ve all got to do our bit for Mother Earth. Whether that means showers instead of baths, lights off in empty rooms, or visiting Mazuma Mobile to send your old mobile phone on a journey to a new life. Not only will it give your phone a second chance at life, you’ll be paid for it. That’s right, you can recycle mobile phones for cash.

If these phones are not recycled they will simply sit in the back of drawers, in the top of wardrobes, or wherever you shoved it to when your new phone arrives. They are just waiting to be rediscovered and thrown out, but with us, you can sell your phone, making yourself some extra money and helping the planet at the same time. These figures add up, but if all of these unwanted phones are recycled by us instead of thrown in the bin, masses of unnecessary waste are automatically avoided.

It couldn’t be easier. You simply visit our site and enter the model and make of the phone in question. If it appears, you will be able to see our guidelines and conditions, clearly defining what counts as a working or non-working phone. How much your phone is worth will depend upon its age and functionality, though we will happily accept both working and non-working models. We even pay for the postage of these old mobile phones, keen to ensure as many as possible find a new home that’s more environmentally friendly than the dustbin. Once your phone arrives, payment will be sent to you promptly.

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