We all go through a fair number of mobile phones in our lives  it’s estimated that there are about 20 million mobile phone upgrades in the UK every single year.

Once that new phone arrives, it’s easy to put old mobile phones to one side and leave them neglected and forlorn in the back of a drawer, where they will gather dust and lose their value. Even worse, some people have a big clear-out and put all their mobile phones in the bin – there are four or five in every UK household, so that would be a huge number if they were all thrown out.

Once dumped, old mobile phones can end up in landfill sites, and because they include a number of elements that are poisonous to the environment, that’s not a great situation. At Mazuma, in our phone recycling for cash service we take the phones customers send to us and process them so they can be re-used. We aim to make sure that more than 95 old mobile phones in every hundred we receive go to a new home.

Many find their way to developing countries such as India, where people could otherwise find the cost of buying a mobile phone prohibitive. This provides an affordable boost to communications, and you can be sure that if you sell mobile phones to us they will be well looked after. And of course, you get cash in return; it’s a perfect deal.

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